Do Glasses Make You Less Attractive?

You’ve been told you need glasses, haven’t you? Don’t feel awkward for looking this up. Basically, there are three options when it comes to glasses and appearance. They make you look better. They make you look worse. They don’t make a difference.


The charm of glasses is undeniable. The right frame and shape will make an average Joe or Jane turn into an intellectual worthy of awe. There are certain principles to stick to – for example, people with oval-shaped faces should go for circular frames, and vice versa. When trying to decide on thick vs. thin frames, we recommend the latter in almost 100% of all cases. Thick frames are still associated with nerdiness, so unless that’s the look you’re specifically going for, you’d best stay away.


Most of the time, the reason people don’t look good wearing glasses is because they picked the wrong style and shape (see above). You need to take the time to try different types on and see what makes you look best. In some rare cases, nothing will work. If appearance is THAT important to you, opt for contacts.

No Difference!

People will rarely notice that you’re even wearing glasses, much less whether you look better or worse with them on. Ultimately, how you look shouldn’t be your main concern. Having the right glasses should in terms of your visual acuity or deviation from the norm (i.e. short-sighted, far-sighted, etc.) Having a good eye doctor is important. One of the worst things that can happen is getting the wrong prescription – ex. you’re short-sighted and you get a prescription for glasses for far-sighted people.

Another thing that’s more important than how you look is whether you can see well with them on. In the first few days, your vision will be a bit blurry. If this persists, talk to your doctor.

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