Can Very Specific Dating Apps Be Successful?

Can an app be too specific for a person’s taste? Many seem to disagree. As with everything else, the dating app scene is transforming very swiftly. People are losing interest in Tinder and the endless swiping that comes with it. Read about some wildly successful – and wildly specific – dating apps.


This is NOT an app for vegetarians. Their number in proportion to the meat-eating population may constantly be growing and they may feel very strongly about their eating habits, but the latter is just as true for meat eaters. Meet Sizzl, the app for bacon lovers!

The League

Often described as an elitist’s Tinder, this app screens potential users and chooses them based on their education and employment history. And only the cream of the crop get in. According to one member, the genius of League lies in that the app doesn’t try to keep your love life and your professional life separate because they’re part of one and the same person.


This is a fun, quirky app for people who are “really into facial hair”. Its philosophy? “Connect those with beards to those who want to stroke beards.” Hopefully the first category is restricted to males…


This app is at the top of our list. The website brings people who share dislikes together. The point of the app is to get people who hate the same things to meet each other. After all, it’s still something people have in common, and what you hate, just like what you like, says a lot about you. On first dates, everyone is trying to be impressive and look really nice and cool, but with Hater, you can be REAL on a first date.

Are specific dating apps the next big thing? They definitely stand a chance of being!

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