Best Nightclubs to Pick up Girls in LA

The City of Angels is swarming with models, singers, actresses, and other beautiful women from all walks of life. It’s not hard to pick one up; you just need to know where to look. We’ll tell you all about the best nightclubs for picking up girls in Los Angeles in this brief post.


The company organizing Electric Daisy and other festivals, Insomniac, is behind Hollywood’s Academy nightclub. The parties here frequently represent dance music niches such as basscon (hard dance), bassrush, and a popular niche of trance locals call Dreamstate. These are typical Insomniac brands. You don’t have to love dance to come here, but you might grow to, especially after seeing legends like Morgan Page, Paul Oakenfold, and DJ Snoopadelic. Make sure you become familiar with the dress code before showing up.

W Hotel

This swanky joint is an amazing place to pick beautiful women up. LA girls flock to dance clubs, which is why these are your best bet. The W is the perfect choice for someone who’s looking for a quick fling because most of the people who come here are only in town for a few nights.

La Descarga

If you want to meet crazy (in a good way) girls, look no farther than this club. The music and décor feature-heavy Spanish influences. A lot of beautiful women come here, and they’re all dressed up. You need lots of confidence, but you can get lucky!

Harvard and Stone

This nightclub attracts some of the best bands and DJs in the area. Don’t be scared to talk to the cool and gorgeous chicks here.


An affinity for dark, cozy spaces will help you in this classic LA bar, which opened back during WWII. The B52 Club, which is the venue’s dance club, caters to an alternative crowd. One of the highlights is the Bar Sinister party. With a focus on industrial metal and goth, it has been held here on Saturday nights for more than two decades. The Blue Mondays party starts with rotating themes out on the veranda and ’80s hits in the main room. Wenzday’s Party is another highlight. We recommend you check all of these out to increase your chances of picking up a regular.


Last but not least, this vast Hollywood Blvd. venue attracts a young crowd of lovers of hip-hop. You can expect rap and hip-hop hits all weekend. La Cultura, a cultured blend of hip-hop, Latin, and reggaeton, is on Thursday nights. In the Playhouse, the parties start Thursdays and continue until the end of the week.

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