The Effect of Porn on Your Online Dating Life

A lot of attention has been given to the effect of porn on marriages and relationships, but a part of the issue that a lot of people still need answers to is the effect of watching porn on your online dating life.

The popularity of platforms like Pornhub and Youporn has made porn become something anyone in any corner of the earth can access. And we have watched many of these, so you can trust that this is coming from people who have been on the two sides of the subject we’re discussing now. Let’s talk about a few ways watching porn can come handy.

You know what you want and where to go

While it’s relatively common and it’s also a fact that porn is different from reality, and watching porn makes people have unmatched expectations, it does something for them. It helps them know what they expect in a relationship. A person who views porn might have high hormones, which means having higher needs for sex, compared to the average.

Knowing this, a person reasonably knows what he wants from a relationship. So s/he spends more time getting to meet people who meet the criteria. A person who is watching porn, say Spankbang, is often more open and knowledgeable about what he expects from a relationship sexually, and since sex is crucial in a relationship, they tend to have less friction over sex.

But, there’s a catch.

Knowing what you want, and where to go also has a lot to do with your online dating life. What do we mean? While a lot of people would crave long-term relationships, viewing porn could make a person interested in more short term flings.

So while many of my friends have online dating profiles on, someone like me who is into a lot of Spankbang videos might be interested in

So it affects my direction in the online dating world. I’ll likely crave one night stands which would probably allow me to have a taste of different women, at different places and times, giving a certain kind of thrill that longer-term relationships don’t have.

You’ll become selective, but not really.

That’s the whole truth. While a person craving longer-term relationships might care about a guy’s intellect, long-term goals and all of that, watching porn makes you more interested in the superficial things. Like how big his dick is or how many hours he can last in bed.

So while you get selective, your online dating life is spent learning about things you can enjoy at the moment and then move on to the next person.

So to bring it home, how often do you visit Youporn? Watching porn makes you search for people who are more interested in short flings than in actual relationships, so you’d care less about any other thing aside looks.